Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have a dear friend who is so disheartened by the victory of the Tea Party candidate in Delaware that he has closed his yahoo account and withdrawn from participation in political affairs evermore. That's a sad commentary on what is happening out there in the political world and one I would like to address.

FIRST, she may be a disaster but she's OUR disaster and we must deal with it. Why not counsel and educate her and have such as Cantor or Ryan spend some time teaching her what she needs to know. Furthermore, she needs to own up to her flaws in public and with no equivocation.

I don't think EITHER choice in Delaware was a particularly good one since Castle was your typical RINO and hardly someone that espouses conservative principles - but then again either is an improvement on Biden. I have long believed that our current vice president is a blithering idiot.

SECOND, while there are many problems with the current candidate - manifestly pointed out by no less than Karl Rove on Hannity last night - she is, nevertheless, our ticket to the seat. Ergo, the GOP's threat to not FUND the woman is asinine and petulant stupidity.

THIRD, if the Tea Party Express wants to be and remain a viable force in American politics, it must begin to choose and select candidates more carefully in advance and the GOP establishment needs to put on its big boy/girl panties and support those selected.

Here's the deal, as I see it, based on over 50 years of involvement in party politics, starting with the first Eisenhower campaign: The established GOP had, prior to the Tea Party Movement, completely lost its way. There was, essentially, no difference between the two parties. Both were spending out of control and both were involved in the passing of un-American (at best) legislation that was pissing off the people who put them in office. Which of course, gave rise to the Tea Party movement in the first place. The American people (who do, after all, pay the bills) were fed up and didn't want to be ignored any longer. And that is a mistake BOTH parties were and are still making.

Given that the Tea Party Express now has some traction and leverage, they have an equal responsibility to vet their endorsed candidates thoroughly and unapologetically.

Anyone who has consistently read my blog knows that I have often berated the Republicans in the House and the Senate for their spineless behavior. After the first euphoria of winning the majority had passed, it was almost as if they were apologetic for having the power to reshape the narrative. They were groveling for the Democrats to love them and that was - realistically - never going to happen. I have often said that bullies can be made to respect you but expecting them to love you is a fool's errand!

So let's quit throwing recriminations and accusations around at each other my fellow Republicans. The national Party needs to grow a pair and start behaving with leadership and integrity. The Tea Party Movement needs to stop behaving like a bunch of euphoric little kids and start accepting their ADULT responsibilities as well.

At the age of 68, I've achieved a certain degree of goofy wisdom. I don't think the Dems are going to control a damned thing after November but I do think that we need to develop and refine our message more clearly and more honestly and the national GOP needs to realize that they aren't going to live forever, they have made some serious mistakes and it's time for new blood to start affecting the outcome of things.

UPDATE: According to Drudge Report, contributions are flowing into the O'Donnell campaign so quickly that her website has crashed! Sounds like she doesn't need the national GOP contribution!

UPDATE #2: It appears that Laura Ingraham agrees with my assessment of Karl Rove's pessimism. And then, from that irritating soon-to-be-ex House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) cheered the Tea Party victories in Tuesday’s Republican primaries, saying the results were “very positive” for Democrats. “What happened for Democrats last night was very positive,”

Pelosi told reporters after addressing the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation at the Capitol Wednesday morning. “We were very pleased with the candidates that we drew, and they offer a great contrast in the election as to the clarity of the choice.”
UPDATE #3: Craig Ferguson: "It's a great day for members of the Tea Party. ... In Delaware, in the Senate race, Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell defeated a Republican. ... Democrats are already attacking O'Donnell. They're calling her 'the Sarah Palin of the East.' Really? She's a loud, emotionally unstable woman from Delaware. That's not Sarah Palin. That's Joe Biden."

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