Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was on vacation last week and spent a lot of the time relaxing in front of the TV set with Rusty, my favorite unapologetic predator, on my lap. Buddy has reserved the back of my recliner for his own perch and so it went in the world of Mom and the two pussycats! At one point Nancy Pelosi was screaching away about something or other - which so disturbed my Rusty that he jumped off my lap and ran to hide under the end table by the window. Buddy remained unfazed, as he generally does.

Watched Sunrise at Campobello, a heavily fictionalized rendering of the story of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor from before his bout with polio and thereafter with the always fascinating Hume Cronyn playing Louis Howe. Greer Garson played Eleanor Roosevelt (looking far better than Eleanor Roosevelt ever could have hoped to look) and Ralph Bellamy, as FDR. Regardless of how you feel about FDR's presidency - and I'm in the category that believes he was a disaster unequaled until the Hick from Georgia and The Boy King's recent election - I had never really given much thought to the obstacles and the sheer WILL that drove the man. Comparing FDR in my mind with the cretin occupying the White House right now and FDR was a giant by comparison.

Perhaps President Obama would have worn better on the American populace if he had had the humility and good grace to be less visible. The more you see of him and the more you hear his condescending and hectoring rhetoric, the more you dislike this somewhat horrendous choice made by someone (I didn't vote for the s.o.b. and don't know anyone who did.). Since I work in the District, within a few blocks of the White House, I have observed first hand the incredibly arrogant way in which our President has caused the already horrid traffic to be further complicated willy-nilly in a way George W. Bush never seemed to. It's just one small sign of the man's mindset. Which is supercilious arrogance toward the peasants he thinks he rules. As if!

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