Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm no racist, nor am I xenophobic, nor am I any kind of bigot. But I have always disliked with a great deal of energy this radical racist bitch from California. It's my firm belief that her election was fraudulent from the outset.

I lived in California when she was elected to office. I remember standing in line at the polls waiting to vote. I also remember that none of the people in line ahead of me could even speak English - which said to me that they were very very fresh over the river and through the woods! And likely illegal.

Now Madame Sanchez comes up with racist crap wherein she attacks Van Tran, a Republican, as “anti-immigrant.” Sanchez was born in California; Tran was born in Vietnam, and immigrated to this country in 1975. For you young’uns, that was the year when, thanks to Democratic politics, the U.S. turned tail and ran, leaving hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese citizens at the mercy of the Communists. Go over to Bookworm Room to see the video clip.

It must suck to be a Democrat these days - every stinking stupid remark you make ends up on YouTube - frequently going viral!

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