Thursday, September 09, 2010


Senator John McCain has a homegrown problem - his daughter Meghan! Aside from the fact that she has the IQ of a house plant, she is a famewhore of major proportions.

Ms. McCain - have you ever achieved anything worthwhile on your own or is your notoriety only the result of being born to a famous father and an overindulgent mother? I would say likewise for Bristol Palin (just by the way). Ms. McCain whose education is sketchy at best, has been plopping her dumbass self on various leftwing talk shows to diss Gov. Sarah Palin who, on her worst day, is 10 times the woman that Ms. McCain will EVER be.

Just shut the fuck up Meghan. You are an idiot and an embarrassment. I know the Republican Party is a "big tent" but it isn't big enough to accommodate your ego and your stupidity! You truly are not terribly bright.

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