Friday, September 17, 2010


Looks like the geriatric leadership of the GOP is getting their bloomers in a bunch - and not a moment too soon. Their collective turgid stupidity has put this entire nation at risk and those of us who allowed them to get away with it for so long ought to have our fannies tanned! We, the People, only awakened when the horrendous consequences of the Obama presidency began to sink into our consciousness. We were somnolent enough to allow him to slip into office almost unopposed (with the old guard's pet candidate McCain to help him) and it was only McCain's choice of the effervescent and luminous Sarah Heath Palin as his running mate that energized the campaign.

I am 68 years old but I don't count myself as being one of that crowd of time-serving, sycophantic numbskulls who are running the GOP. I would hope I am hipper and smarter and a whole lot less contrived than that bunch!

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