Friday, August 19, 2011


Especially in the past few months! No need to go schlepping up I-95 to D.C. to work. Mainly just sitting around the house, enjoying the always excellent company of Buddy and Rusty and generally trying to survive the uber hot summer and get through to more pleasant temperatures.

It all made me ponder how little of this kind of comfort our grandkids (well YOUR grandkids - I have no children so it doesn't actually apply to me) are going to experience. They are probably going to have to continue working until they're in their 90s. Then again, what with Madame Michelle "Do as I say, not as I do" Obama designing their school menus, they'll be enjoying it less! A lot less. According to the young people I've spoken to, school lunches have become uneatable in many schools. No salt is permitted, no pepper, no condiments of any kind. The food is unseasoned and tasteless! I know it's a foreign concept but food that is well seasoned is not necessarily unhealthy, particularly if you utilize a lot of fresh herbs and use a lot of lemon juice to remove the need for excessive salting. But then again, liberals are all in favor of ascetic behaviors as long as THEY don't have to participate in them! Hypocritical knuckleheads, the lot of them. A bunch of humorless, joyless harridans preaching their holier-than-thou version of living to people who actually find pleasure in the company of their children, feeling no need to ship them off to boarding schools, enjoy a healthy meal, well prepared and live in homes that reflect their history and interests. Why don't they just leave us alone? Because it looks to them like we're having too much fun, folks! And then of course there's the creeping influence of sharia law in this country, just as it continues to infect every other so-called civilized European nation. Now Norway is feeling the brunt of it. When will it stop? When we FORCE it to stop.

The cowardly liberal minority in this country is terrified that their sterile, self-centered little lives will be threatened or disturbed by actually having to do something to defend and/or protect our way of life. They will lie down for Islamic attempts at destroying our nation's Constitution and way of life until it's too late. We must do everything in our power to offset their slothful cowering!

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