Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I will be supporting two of the members of the cast with enormous enthusiasm when the new show begins.

I have enormous respect and admiration for J.R. Martinez who is an Iraq veteran and who sustained horrendous wounds in service to our country. Despite his scarred face, All My Children cast him in the role of Brot, a similarly wounded war veteran and he is currently an integral part of the show and involved in a very steamy on-screen romance with an absolutely gorgeous actress. After watching his moving and sensitive performances over the couple of years he's been on the show, I have to remind myself that he has facial scarring, he is just that good an actor. So if the lad can move at all - he's got my vote.

My other fave is Carson Kressley who is a genuinely nice young man and a talented athlete. His show Carson Nation showcases his compassion and kindness toward others in difficult circumstances, while having seen tapes of his equestrian exploits has generated genuine respect from me.

My outside candidate would be Nancy Grace who seems to be displaying some serious self-deprecating humor. She's no sylph and she is controversial to the point of occasionally being annoying, but I think she is one tough female who can hang in there with the best of them.

Chaz Bono? Puh-leeze. Get that lumbering self-promoter off as soon as possible!

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