Saturday, August 27, 2011


First, there was the earthquake on Tuesday which, while West Coast residents may decry us East Coast denizens as a bunch of "bedwetters" was severe enough to even shake up an old hand like me! It lasted longer than the average earthquake and was of a different sort than any I experienced in 20 years living in California. Different composition of the land mass to begin with. We've got rocks; they've got liquid! And the damage turned out to be pretty severe in some places due to the fact that we don't expect earthquakes and we don't build for them! So the National Cathedral and the Washington monument both sustained significant damage.

And now, on the anniversary of what would be my mother Irene's 95th birthday, here comes her hurricane. I'm just weird enough to believe that a hurricane named after my beloved later mother will not hurt me or mine but I'm still prepared. Letting the cats have one last (for today) romp on the deck and then we're buttoning down. Hard-wired land line connected, cell phone recharged, battery powered lamp charging - life is good! And thanks to my persistent sister, I have enough t.p., water and milk to ride out anything!

Hope y'all are safe and secure. Take good care.

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B....... said...

A quake a cane, they're just a start.
A puny burp - a nature's fart.
An asteroid, or perhaps a comet
will provide the final sonnet.

But until then, stay safe Gayle, Buddy and Rusty.......