Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ABC Television, both daytime and nighttime, is operating in visibly full panic mode. Why, you may ask? Because of losing Oprah Winfrey after 25 years of having a human cash register on your schedule.

First, they cancel two beloved soap operas. And before that, they had already announced they are shutting down their SoapNet Network so how much do they care about us, the fans? Had they thrown the quantity of advertising at these two daytime staples that they are now throwing at their despicable The View and the new shows The Chew and Anderson Cooper's new show in Oprah's old spot, both All My Children and One Life to Live would not be in any danger of ever being canceled. Neither show appears to be worth watching, and in fact, so visceral is my dislike for Mario Batali that even the delicious Michael Symon cannot tempt me to watch The Chew. In fact, other than watching Castle in the evening, I fully intend to boycott ABC-TV entirely. Why? Shows like Charlie's Angels and Pan Am appear to be thoroughly forgettable programs and I won't even discuss how awful I suspect Playboy will be! NBC appears to have some decent programming coming up as does CBS. More and more, however, I find myself enjoying TNT and other smaller networks like ION. I also have HBO, Showtime and Starz so why do I need to watch a network that offends and disgusts me? Biased, blatantly slanted news coverage? The despicable left-wing broadcasting of The View? Hell, I might as well subscribe to the New York Times! Thanks, but no thanks!

It's high time we start making it known to these networks how little they are offering us in the form of decent programming and how offended we are by their shoddy, blatantly pandering to the left bias.

If the news division of ABC had shown half the diligence in investigating Candidate Obama, we wouldn't have that p.o.s. sitting in the White House right now! So what have they done to attract our patronage, secure our loyalty and/or interest? Absolutely freaking nothing!

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