Friday, August 12, 2011


Of all the things I can find to exemplify the problems in our nation, this drunken little troll is #1 on the list!

She dresses like a hooker, behaves like a juvenile terrorist and is far from attractive to look at! She has no class, no manners and has become famous due to bad behavior. And this is someone fawned over by the entertainment media! Do we no longer have standards of the kinds of behavior that will be tolerated? Remember when Ingrid Bergman was banned from Hollywood for having an out-of-wedlock child with her Italian director lover? Now out-of-wedlock children are littering the landscape and celebrities seem to think it's okay to birth a litter of children ala Angelina Jolie without repercussions! In fact. she is fawned over rather than being treated like a pariah! Steal another woman's husband? Sure, that's okay. After all, she's beautiful! No, no, that is not acceptable behavior! Furthermore, what is our tolerance of this behavior telling our children? The stability of a strong marital bond is something to be encouraged, not endlessly dissed on reality TV and elsewhere. There are some knuckleheads in Hollywood who still defend the infamous pervert Roman Polanski and still patronize Woody Allen films. Put your entertainment dollars to better use people!

Marriage isn't the panacea. It's damned hard work. I've never entered into the state myself because I know myself well enough to know that I would choose badly. My mother labored mightily to preserve her marriage to my father, despite his alcoholism, and I watched it kill her before her time. But then again, neither do I have CHILDREN. Bringing a child into the world isn't a cure for loneliness or depression or mental illness. It's a commitment to being strong and dependable and responsible above all. Your children don't need a buddy, they need two parents and a father is not an optional part of that mix, he's an essential component. The fact that you can have a baby on your own does not mean that you should!

Those we admire should deserve that attention, rather than being famous for being famous. There are enough slutty looking Snookie types out there. We shouldn't be celebrating them but rather marginalizing them for what they are - human garbage!


Thag Jones said...

How to get rid of [I would say obnoxious, but it's tautology these days] celebrities: Just don't look!

Unfortunately, a lot of people will still look, but at least these famous for being famous twits barely register for me and my kids wouldn't know them from a pile of horse manure.

Thag Jones said...

There are some knuckleheads in Hollywood who still defend the infamous pervert Roman Polanski and still patronize Woody Allen films.

Not just "some", I fear, and not just in Hollywood. Most people don't seem to think much of it. But my view is obviously coloured (wait, can I still say that?) by my surroundings - i.e. amoral leftists all around.

Gayle Miller said...

Left seems to = stupid in my books!

Thag Jones said...

They're not necessarily stupid, just wrong. ;)

msc said...

I wonder if her mother and father are proud of what they have produced?

I'd hide under a rock if she was mine. If everyone who was offended notified the stations carrying this garbage then it would change.