Saturday, September 07, 2013


According to the latest, not necessarily verified, intel Iran has given the green light to its minions around the region to attack American interests, specifically and particularly, the American Embassy in Baghdad. Then Iran starts lobbing bombs at Israel (their REAL target) and Israel, true to form - and as they should - retaliates. Using a nuke is not out of the question given the historic antipathy of Iran towards Israel, as well as Israel's long-held mantra of "Never Again". Then the various Saudi-sponsored bad actors start stirring up a shitstorm throughout the region and here we go again!

Given the predictions that Pope Francis (who has already sternly admonished Urkel to stand down) is the LAST Pope, as well as other predictions of the like, is this the beginning of the end times? All because Urkel in the White House is trying to show his nonexistent cojones!

REALLY folks? Do we really have to do this? Do we really want to once again stir up the laws of unintended consequences?

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