Monday, September 23, 2013


The two watchable song and dance sequences aside, was last night's Emmy show the absolute worst you've ever seen?

Neil Patrick Harris, a thoroughly gifted performer, did his best with bad material, bloated production values and a lengthy show that literally put people in my household to sleep, but he just wasn't enough to save the show.

IT needs to be asked, why cannot television professionals put on a broadcast of their own industry awards? And why were awards like the guest actor/actress awards relegated to a special ceremony? Why not keep those living recipients in the main show and ditch the special "In Memoriam" bits - especially the one pandering to youth culture such as the one for Cory Monteith? Robin Williams' tribute to Jonathan Winters was pretty nice, but even so, incomprehensible to some.

And would someone please feed those women at the show a sandwich? I have not seen so many bones since the last office picnic's fried chicken was decimated!

It's just my opinion. I could be wrong. But I'm not!

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