Tuesday, September 24, 2013


When the lineup was announced a few weeks ago, I had my doubts that this season was going to be anywhere near as entertaining as last season, given the fact that I had never heard of most of the cast.

Well, I'm here to admit I was wrong.

First of all, let's dispose of a single complaint..... some of the dancers (Elizabeth, Corbin) are a tad too accomplished for this early in the season, causing me to believe that they've perhaps(?) danced before!

What the hell Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is even doing there is anyone's guess. He is an appallingly bad dancer and should be sent home, Instead, some more deserving contestant will eventually be eliminated.

Valerie Harper is courageous and I understand why she's doing it, and I must say she looks good. I doubt she's going to get anywhere near the end, but I applaud her effort.

Amber Riley is superb, Leah Remini is on a mission (which, again, I applaud), Nicole Polizzi (Snookie) is surprisingly good, Jack Osbourne is far better than he thinks he is, and what can I say ---- I'm voting for Engvall. He's a delight and entertaining as hell, which is what the show is all about.

So give the show a look see. They've redesigned the set, tightened the production, the judges are less obnoxious and Tom Bergeron is the humorous oil that keeps the entire two-hour, once-per=week format moving!

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