Monday, September 16, 2013


News outlets are dominating the airwaves again today - all stations reporting and all repeating over and over again the same not necessarily accurate information, tedium personified and making real breaking news somehow uninteresting - that there is one, maybe two, shooters at the Navy Yard and that perhaps 4 are dead, 8 wounded, or maybe more or maybe less.

Here's a thought...I know it's the 24-hour news cycle, but how about y'all wait until you actually KNOW something instead of endless, frequently baseless speculation (and yes, you, Fox News Network are just as guilty as everyone else). For the people in this area who have friends or relatives working at that facility, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

If Gibbs were real, this shit would have been wrapped up long ago, the perp(s) subdued and civilian/military loss of life minimized. I'm just saying - it's a damned shame fantasy doesn't even come CLOSE to reality, mores the pity.

UPDATE: So in the end, after all the hyperbole and false information spewed by the various and sundry news purveyors, we end up with 12 victims of a murderous and now-deceased shooter. And, predictably, the anti-gun lobby is in full, baying cry, despite the fact that D.C. has one of the toughest, most repressive gun control climates in the nation. "Shelter in place" makes me think more along the lines of "sitting ducks" where instead perhaps there ought to be people in place who can "lock and load" in these sorts of situations. Maybe then fewer people would have lost their lives or been injured so grievously, including the one policeman who is in danger of losing his legs!

UNLESS you are able to change the Constitution (which Urkel is definitely trying to do - or he just ignores it), gun ownership is a guaranteed right and I somehow doubt that, outside the effete coastal areas of this nation, a Constitutional Amendment banning guns will go the way of the dodo!

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