Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, okay, actually it IS like me to gloat – especially in this instance.

The Ohio State University, beloved alma mater of yours truly, was magnanimously victorious in their first football game of the season this past Saturday, defeating Youngstown State University in a game that probably could have been a total blowout, had it not been for the fact that Jim Tressell (a true gentleman) doesn’t believe in humiliating opponents.

The University of Michigan (hereafter to be known as That Team Up North or TTUN) was not so lucky. They were defeated by Appalachian State University (it's in North Caorlina kids) 34-32. TTUN was bigger. Appalachian State displayed two qualities that made the difference: superior speed and PASSION. Let’s hope, for the sake of The Ohio State University, that this humiliation doesn’t lead to the firing of TTUN’s coach Carr.

DOGGONE IT – those two games conspired to make me have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend. Hope all of you had something equally sweet to enjoy!


Tom Blogical said...

The author of MGOBLOG actually turned his blog into a kitten blog after the game! LOL!

MichaelC said...

Best of luck from Seattle, WA to you and the rest of the Buckeye faithful; after Saturday I must add.

My wishes are for a difficult and unenjoyable journey westward for said Buckeyes and a frightening experience at Husky Stadium.

I'm not this mean all the time and I do wish all Buckeyes a fine year on the field otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. My Golden Gophers couldn't even beat a warm-up team. Sad.