Monday, September 17, 2007

(but not necessarily about America)

Sally Field, a woman heretofore not known as a rocket scientist, proved that prior assessment to be quite valid when she confused her PRETEND life as the mother of a serving soldier with her REAL life where she has no child in the military - in a mightily bleeped acceptance speech. Please, for the love of God, don't give this dingbat any more AWARDS!

Robert Duvall may have all his marbles, but they weren’t on display during his incomprehensible and endlessly rambling acceptance speech for Best Miniseries. Who even watched it?

Neil Patrick Harris, who is openly gay, embarrassed himself with a leering set of one-liners aimed at Hayden Panatierre, one of the few 18-year olds who isn’t in rehab or running around flashing her crotch. She certainly deserved better despite the décolletage on the gown she was almost wearing sending a message of its own.

The evening abounded with one-liners, double-entendres and generally inappropriately political prattling, bad language and utterly indefensible smut talk and near-miss nudity. Note to Joely Fisher – the fact that you have a new set of implants does not mean that all of America is even slightly interested in nipple positioning!

Does this indict the American television viewer? Perhaps a tiny bit. But more than anything, it indicts the people of the television entertainment industry who display themselves as brainless, witless and wholly lacking in morality or ethics, in conjunction with sufficient arrogance to believe that they actually have some modicum of brains!

What – did you think Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan were isolated incidents?

Final note: These were the TELEVISION awards. Dare one ask why on earth the production was, as usual, lackluster at best?


Anonymous said...

Are you telling me you missed Broken Trail? November Foxtrot Whiskey! This had to be one of the better westerns on TV in a long time. Run do not walk to the local library and pick up a copy on DVD.

Gayle Miller said...

Okay, I will do so.

That makes Robert Duvall's acceptance speech no less incomprehensible, however!

benning said...

I stopped watching Awards shows after I moved to southern California. That close to Hollywood I saw all the self-important, empty, preening that went on. Why waste my time watching these creatures give themselves awards?



You're probably correct about Duvall's speech, however, don't take anonymous' advice and run to get the video. Take a cab or a speeding bullet--get there as fast as you can.

Plus, while you're there, get his other western with Kevin Costner--"Open Range"--two of the best westerns made in recent times. In fact, many are saying this is Costner's best work in a western, and I tend to agree.

Take care...and thanks for your comment at my site.

Andrea Shea King said...


As it happens, I just rented both Open Range and Broken Trail and watched them both this week. Excellent! You're getting some good advice here... go get it and watch. you're in for several hours of good entertainment.