Friday, September 07, 2007


Those of you who read me regularly have long suspected that I’m not a big fan of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She has accomplished nothing substantive during her Senate tenure, other than her vote in favor of the Iraq war, a vote away from which she has been scurrying ever since.

So imagine my fascination and delight as the saga of Norman Hsu unfolds, Norman Hsu is the man who seemingly materializes substantial campaign funds out of thin air through the pockets of otherwise low income or moderate income Chinese-American citizens, thus circumventing the interdiction against foreign contributions to presidential campaigns.

Despite the fact that Mr. Hsu is a convicted felon facing 15 years in prison, he has somehow managed, quite magically, to live freely and openly in New York for a number of years after his years of living in the environs of Shanghai and Hong Kong. And as a part of his U.S. ventures, he apparently went into the business of supporting candidates for public office, all of them Democrats either directly or through third-parties. It’s interesting that all of the politicians who were tsk-tsk-ing and boo-hooing over Jack Abramoff, are greeting the spreading information about Norman Hsu with “Nothing to see here. Move along now!”

Mr. Hsu’s adventures read more like a bad spy novel and that is what worries me. How is it that he has done what he has done, in the way that he has done it? Where DOES all the money come from, since Mr. Hsu has no visible means of support? How LONG has Mr. Hsu been making contributions to the Clintons, Mr. and Mrs.? And finally, what benefits does he hope to derive from the various contributions made to all the Democratic candidates through his various “fronts”?

It seemed like the entire l’affaire Hsu was going to be a 10-day wonder when Mr. Hsu turned himself in to the California authorities recently. Then came the news several days ago that he had skipped bail.

Sad to say, it is inevitable to speculate about the involvement of a former U.S. president and his consort. What really happened on that Amtrak train from which Mr. Hsu was removed to the hospital yesterday and was it related – as have so many other incidents of like nature – to the Clinton machine? What is the true nature of his “illness”? And think about the fact that we can even ask such a question about a former U.S. President, something that was unheard of before 1992.

If, as many suspect is the case, Mr. Hsu is an agent of the Chinese (and somehow the Chinese theme recurs frequently in the saga of the Clintons), then he is a particularly maladroit one at times. But nefarious and undercover connections might explain why he was able to disappear so successfully in the early 90s and why it was so imperative for him to do so now.

Was a deliberate attempt to silence Norman Hsu made on that train or did he fear that one was imminent? Does the man have dirty secrets that someone thinks should remain hidden? Just how high up in our government is that person who wishes to remain unknown?

Finally, just how long does Norman Hsu have to live? For anyone associated with the Clintons in any way, that is a valid question.

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