Monday, September 10, 2007


That bag of bloviating bull chips, Senator Edward Moore Kennedy (D-Chivas) was babbling to Bob Schieffer Sunday morning about the surge and how it "isn't working", a fiction even Senator Horse Puckey's Democratic colleagues aren't trying to sell to the credulous minority that may occasionally buy their line of nonsense. Hey, Ted, you ignorant jackass, if you're going to lie about progress in Iraq, at least stick with the current lie, instead of the one that even the dimmest of dimwits in your Party aren't trying to sell any longer!


The Practicalist said...

Actually, Sen. Horsepucky's Horsefaced fellow Sen from Mass was also trying to stick with the same old line Sun morn on Snuffaluffagus.

"You see, what looks to be working is not really working, but that was after I voted against that one time before I voted for it, and that is why it is not really working." (Or something along those lines.)

Gayle Miller said...

He's such a gasbag buffoon!