Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Had she lived, Irene Savko Miller would have had a birthday today. I still love her and miss her very much. She was my mother and my best friend. She nurtured me, love me and educated me and all the while shared with me her fantastic - and very offbeat - sense of humor! Mom, you may have left your mortal existence far too many years ago, but you are alive and probably tsk, tsk, tsking my many screw-ups on another plane. And Mom, notice how carefully I have avoided mentioning how old you would have been today, had you lived. I am still following your instructions quite carefully!

As it happens, today is also the birthday of my friend Pam's mother - Joyce Cascioli. She is a magnificent woman, generous of heart and filled with wisdom and humor. God bless and keep you beloved lady.

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