Thursday, August 07, 2008


The mainstream media is still making it their business to avoid covering the John Edwards “love child” saga, apparently relying on the excuse that John Edwards is a private citizen. In what alternate universe is that true? The man has sought the nomination of the Democratic Party for president twice and was selected to run on the general election ticket with John “Le Fraud” Kerry. He (allegedly) served in the Senate from North Carolina for 6 years. He has been mentioned as a possible running mate for the Obamamessiah and has also been touted as a possible Cabinet member. That, my friends, is no private citizen.

Meanwhile, over in cloud-cuckooland (aka The Obama Campaign), the Senator continues his imperial campaign that is lacking only an official election to office to become less foolish and annoying. Determined attempts seem to continue to remove any visible symbols of the country whose presidency he seeks (aka the flag) and some of his campaigning has taken place in lands where there are no voters. And before someone picks nits – the American military serving outside the U.S. has little to no reason to love, like or even tolerate Barack Hussein Obama. They are smart enough to understand how dangerous he is to our nation’s survival.

Senator McCain’s campaign tried to make a point about Obama’s (non) qualifications with their most recent ad that briefly pictured both Britney Spears and Paris Hilton – making the very valid point that all were “well known” but none were “accomplished”. Ms. Hilton responded with her own advertisement in which she proposed an energy plan that was framed in more understandable language and which made a great deal of sense. To say that worries me is gross understatement. When a sensible energy plan is proposed by a woman whose irrelevance is astounding and that plan is smarter and more doable than anything proposed by two men who are running for the presidency, there are grounds for worry.

Senator Obama continues to proclaim that “We are what we are waiting for!” which is, to be blunt, the most asinine statement by a politician that I’ve heard in a very long time. And he continues to trundle around the world as though the election was over and he had won. Not so fast bucko!

First Obama needs to get past Bill and Hillary. Then he has to manage to keep the American public from fully understanding who he really is. In previous (pre-Internet) days, that might have been possible. Now? Not so much! And getting past the Clintons still may constitute Obama’s most enormous stumbling block. Bill Clinton recently has made some gratuitously provocative comments vis-à-vis Senator Obama that would indicate to people who can read between the lines that Senator Obama may not have the nomination as firmly in hand as has been assumed. Among other things, there is the question of his citizenship status. And, more and more information about his previous mentors is surfacing, together with lots of factual information that supports the scenario that he is, at the very least, a dedicated socialist and, at the very worst, an adherent of that wholly unworkable philosophy called Communism which for most of the 20th century visited misery upon far too much of the world.

And if that weren’t troublesome enough, now there is talk of resurrecting the presidential hopes of the Gorebot. Ultimately, I think that is foolishness personified. If, heaven forefend, I were Albert Gore, Jr., I would be unwilling to give up my lucrative and largely unscrutinized current lifestyle, especially since the shelf life for same is starting to tick away as real scientists express real reservations about the so-called global warming scam that has been such a success for the former Vice President. Second, running again for public office would mean that the most boring man in America would need to open up his books to scrutiny. Somehow I doubt that he is all that eager to reveal just how much money he has made from his attempts to frighten the planet into behaving with gross stupidity!

Senator McCain has fielded a few good ads and has, when appropriate, gotten off some seriously good shots at the leftist nonentity being put forward by the Democratic Party. It is entirely possible that the real John McCain is about to show up – and not a moment too soon. There are also signs that some Republicans have, in the immortal words of Dennis Miller, “grown some Snickers”!

The Democrats have seen fit to pack up their dump trucks and squeaky toys and head on home without accomplishing any of their agenda, although their greediest members did manage to scoop up their usual ration of pork. Why is it that people vote for them again? They cannot be unaware of their low approval rating (when I last checked it was 9% - which means that 91% of Americans do NOT approve of their job performance) and yet they scuttled out of town without doing thing one about our nation’s energy problems. Most of the members of Congress (most Democrats and far too many Republicans as well) are now deemed (by me – but hey, it’s a free country unless Obama is elected) to be unemployable in private industry. Is that why they despise the economic model that made our country great? Because they know they could never survive, let alone thrive, in it? To be blunt, if I had employees who performed as poorly as this vacationing Congress has, they’d be unemployed and I’d have hired some people who are willing and able to perform their jobs with dedication, intelligence and some common sense!

I’m taking a 3-day weekend but I’ve worked my tush off this week so I’m entitled to my 3 days. See you on Monday.

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