Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In a Reuters poll out today, Senator John McCain is leading Senator Barack Obama by a margin of 5 points! Considering that Senator Obama was some 15 points ahead of Senator McCain not very long ago, this is very, very bad news for Senator Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama has only himself to blame for this dip in his polling numbers. His numerous and easily refuted egregious lies over the past several months have hurt him badly. We have already had a world class liar (Bill Clinton) in the presidency and most Americans would prefer to avoid a repeat. Obama's response to Russia's invasion of Georgia was typically mealy-mouthed and far from impressive. Given that we live in an increasingly dangerous world, it was not reassuring.

Obama's performance at Saddleback was a disaster and the babbling idiots in his campaign trying to blame it on John McCain somehow cheating (as if) was embarrassing at best. All in all, it is becoming evident for all to see that this would-be Emperor is bare-assed naked and it isn't a pretty sight.

Meanwhile, the all-too-quiet Hillzilla lurks around the corner, awaiting the perfect moment to pounce and snatch Senator Obama's victory out of his hands.

It's going to be a very interesting Democratic Convention! Almost as riveting as watching Michael Phelps swim away with 8 gold medals whilst displaying a level of humility and graciousness unmatched by either Democratic contender!

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