Tuesday, August 26, 2008


At the Democratic Convention in Denver, Nancy Pelosi paraded her elderly and Botox rich visage on the first night of the convention. Ms. Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House of representatives seemed to dismiss the perception that Senator Barack Hussein Obama was a prime example of a younger and less qualified male being promoted ahead of a more qualified and older woman.
"This wasn't an appointment, this was an election," she told Moran. "You have to give credit to the Obama campaign. They out-organized everyone. A year ago, we all thought Sen. Clinton would be the candidate for president and therefore the president. We all thought that if there was some other candidate who would emerge, it would not be someone that hardly anyone had ever heard of, Barack Obama."
Apparently the fact that very close to HALF the Democratic Party primary voters refrained from voting for Senator Barack Hussein Obama is unimportant to the mighty Mrs. Pelosi, a leader in a party that constantly prattles about every vote counting. Hypocrisy is alive and well and living in Denver this week!

Mrs. Pelosi is a deeply deluded woman if she honestly believes that Senator Obama’s probable nomination is anything other than the result of a well-programmed orator, who uses lots of words but says little, with deeply suspect financing, capable of flimflamming enough of the electorate into voting for him despite his numerous and glaring inadequacies as a candidate which were then overlooked by those whose job it is to give critical evaluation of each candidate for the Presidency. And while Mrs. Pelosi may not be willing to admit it (being as she once averred, the “most powerful woman in the world” and too busy for trifling matters), she is deluded on this as well as myriad other matters.

On “Meet the Press” this weekend, she had the effrontery to “explain” Catholic theology from the depths of her total ignorance of the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion. Pelosi was dumb enough to say that the church has not been able to define when life begins. In point of fact, for 2000 years, the Church has defined the beginning of life to be at the moment of conception. I was taught that in grammar school and high school. Why wasn’t Speaker Pelosi? And I’m barely 2 years younger than the venerable old bag, so if I remember that, why doesn’t she?

In an article written by Bob Cusack in “The Hill” today, it was reported that in a release issued Monday night, Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl said Pelosi's comments on "Meet the Press" on Sunday "were incorrect." Wuerl noted that Pelosi responded to a question on when life begins by mentioning she was Catholic. So clearly, Mrs. Pelosi wasn't listening when she was being taught her catechism, or she didn't understand it (entirely possible - she doesn't strike me as being especially acute intellectually) or she has twisted the teaching of the Catholic Church in her own mind to justify her behavior, which can best be described as "giving scandal to the faithful" which is in itself a grievous offense. As a “pro-choice” Catholic, Mrs. Pelosi should be interdicted from receiving the sacraments. She apparently is under the impression that this is a requirement that varies from constituency to constituency and is clearly under the mistaken impression that, like the Democratic Party, the Catholic church is one of “moral equivalency”. Not so fast Nancy. The rules are the rules are the rules. No wiggle room. None.

I very much doubt that Nancy Pelosi will be speaker once the next Congress is seated next January, given the 9% approval rating of the current bunch. And that would be a real shame, since their abject incompetence has been the saving grace of the Democratic Majority - keeping a bunch of stumbling halfwits from committing as much mischief as originally planned!
UPDATE: In an article appearing under the byline of Eric Gorski, an Associated Press Writer, it is reported that, despite the absolute condemnation of her ignorant remarks, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not backing off contentious comments about abortion she made during a weekend television talk show appearance. Well of course not - isn't she the most powerful woman in the world - more powerful than the Pope? Yeah, right!

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