Thursday, August 14, 2008


To be absolutely candid, I really enjoy being right, so if you read this article you will see that my predictions of a not-so-smooth Democratic convention are beginning to percolate, quietly bubbling to the surface.

First there was the eerie quiet coming out of the Hillary Clinton campaign. And then there was the apparent, yet patently insincere support being given to Senator Obama in a few public appearances where, whoops he almost forgot to give Hillary her check!

In the last couple of weeks Bill Clinton has been making some not-so-subtle references to candidates being constitutionally “able” to achieve the nomination coupled with the sudden questioning of Senator Obama’s birth certificate. Meanwhile the National Enquirer – owned by a friend of the Clintons − breaks the story of John Edwards’ extramarital affair in all its despicable and tawdry glory, thus destroying one of Senator Obama’s purported vice-presidential picks for all time.

Finally, today it was announced that − contrary to all previously published information − the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton WILL be placed in nomination after all!

Do we hear the sound of slowly stirring, very worried superdelegates, agitated by those world class provocateurs, Bill and Hill?

Fasten your seatbelts kids. It’s going to be a bumpy convention!
Okay Frito - cue the theme from "Jaws" - thar she blows!

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