Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This article mentions the fact that the specious lawsuit of the despicable duo of Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson has been tossed out of court. Did you see this anywhere in the mainstream news or anywhere else? Of course you didn't.

A former boss of mine, the late and much lamented Herbie Oppenheimer, once told me that "anybody can sue anybody for anything" and that such lawsuits can take place regardless of merit, thus creating at little risk to the plaintiff an enormous amount of financial burden - and sometimes financial ruin - to the defendant(s). Herbie was, as he was in so many things, absolutely correct. He was also the first Jewish Republican I ever met! A man well ahead of his time.

Despite the fact that it is now well settled that Richard Armitage "outed" Valerie Plame - itself not an illegal act since she was not an undercover operative protected by law - the cognescenti in the ubernutjob regions of the blogsphere have continued to prattle on about how "evil Cheney" revealed Valerie Plame's identity - despite the truth being well publicized.

Yes, here in the [slightly] saner regions of the blogsphere we all know that the Plame/Wilson duo would rather lie than tell the truth and value self-aggrandizement almost as much as does Barack Hussein Obama, but my question is - when are we going to make these simple facts indelibly known to the rest of the country in an indisputable manner?

Finally, when will the nutroots calm down and stop trying to make themselves feel relevant by indulging in character assassination aimed at people they deem to be unworthy of, at the very least, their neutrality?

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