Friday, January 16, 2009


Being of sound mind and short fuse, I will be taking next week off. In fact, all 3 of us in the carpool are taking next week off. There's more than one reason but trust me, the traffic in The District is sufficient provocation all by itself! The influx of tourists, both in vehicles (driving badly) or on foot (ignoring the walk/don't walk signals at considerable peril) would be reason enough. The intrusive motorcades seemingly required whenever Himself goes from Point A to Point B or anywhere in between (and he isn't even inaugurated yet), but especially (for some insane reason) during rush hour, would be reason enough. Taken together - we're getting out of Dodge! 51 miles South of Dodge to be exact. There is no way in hades that the mess will be cleaned up on the day after the inauguration and call me crazy, but would YOU want to be in town while 5,000 porto potties are being flushed out and carted away? I thought not!

Primary reason for our choice to be "in absentia" is Mark, friend Joyce's husband. As I've blogged before, Mark's first surgery last year could not get all of the primary site cancerous tumor that had lodged itself in his brain. Despite aggressive chemo and radiation, the tumor has decided to return so this coming Tuesday, the neurosurgeon will be operating to remove the new growth from Mark's brain. At the same time, he will be placing a titanium plate to protect Mark's brain from insult - which was not done during the first surgery because the neurosurgeon knew that another surgery would be required. After this, no more surgeries. Whatever happens, happens apparently. This is, incidentally, the same type of tumor that is afflicting Senator Edward Kennedy, so one would suspect that within a few months he too will be needing additional surgical intervention. As the oncologist explained, when a brain tumor is caused by a primary cancer elsewhere in the body, it's easier to combat. When it is a primary site tumor and the rest of the body is cancer-free, that's a whole different and more deadly situation.

Please pray for Mark (and their entire family) if you are so inclined. They are a delightful family and although Joyce is the strongest woman I know, this has to be a huge weight on her shoulders every minute of every day. Sis and I will be there at the hospital on Tuesday and will be visiting Mark in the hospital whenever Joyce deems that it is a good idea. Throughout, we will be offering up our most sincere prayers that Mark's days far exceed the estimates given by the medical team.

Since my attention will, understandably, be directed elsewhere, it is probable that I won't be posting much to this blog. Take care and enjoy the insanity on Tuesday 1/20/09.


RandomThoughts said...

I don't blame you for leaving town; it sounds like a nightmare, and somehow a fitting beginning for the presidency of The One. I will be praying for Mark and his family too.

Sissy Willis said...

May Gog watch over Mark, Joyce and their loved ones.

piano girl said...

You are a wise woman to stay out of the DC Metro area tomorrow and for the rest of the week!

Prayers for Mark, Joyce & family, as well as their support team of friends.