Monday, January 12, 2009


As we were driving into work this morning, we witnessed ample evidence that there are many, many, many porto potties (5,000 of them - for 2 million people) lining the National Mall where, we understand, JumboTrons will be showing the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama to all those standing (for anywhere from 6-8 hours in the freezing cold and without food since carrying in your own snack is verboten). The logic of wanting to be there in person escapes me. The Inaugural Parade goes up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. The National Mall is NOT on Pennsylvania Avenue. So what’s the point of clogging up roads and streets when you aren’t going to see the inauguration except on a TV screen, something you could see more comfortably, more economically and more intelligently in your own living room, without the expenditure of a vast amount of Federal and District resources, between the D.C. police, the State troopers in both Maryland and Virginia, the Secret Service (well, they’d have to be there anyway), plus now we hear the Federal troops being brought in to ensure order! Mr. Obama – this is not a coronation. It’s an inauguration. We have one every 4 years. Get over yourself!

For the past two weeks, but particularly during the last week, the needs and convenience of the people who actually work in the District have been summarily dismissed by those working on the Obama Inauguration Committee. NOTE to President-elect Obama: Motorcades during rush hour (either morning or evening) are not any way to endear yourselves to those of us who (a) commute at least an hour each way, (b) didn’t vote for you and (c) don’t really give a rat’s eardrum what you do, as long as you don’t add further stress to our lives in the course of your activities. Yesterday, those people who routinely work on Sundays in law offices up and down Pennsylvania were put at great inconvenience because of a PRACTICE parade. Give me a flipping break people! Again, we do this every 4 years.

If this is a foretaste of things to come, we’re in for a very bumpy first administration of Barack Hussein Obama. I’m trying to stay positive about this unqualified, unprepared – and, from what I can see, incompetent – con man. Does he really intend to continue to inconvenience and annoy people who are ACTUALLY working in the District? As opposed to those bozos on The Hill who should, nearly every one of them, be arrested for grand larceny against the American people?!

Finally, let's address the slobbering hysteria over the President-elect's barechested photographs last week. This is presidential!? People, he's a human being and, from my observation, a very flawed one at that. Let's not continue this slavish idolatry toward an ordinary human being of extremely limited experience and abilities - it isn't fair to him and it isn't fair to the rest of us who still maintain some sense of proportion and decorum!

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Sissy Willis said...

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