Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BIG FAT . . . !

It sure didn't take his majesty long to start talking trash and showing no class, did it?

From the moment he barreled through the Oath of Office - not listening to the Chief Justice and just "doing his thing", until now, President Barack H. Obama has proven that most of our fears about him were well founded.

He is naive, has a dreadful memory, little to no sense of history and - like most Democrats of late - quick to annihilate the unspoken (but excellent) rule that sitting presidents do not ever trash talk about their predecessors (and vice versa). Jimmy Carter, are you listening you senile old poop?

I don't know where this pinheaded moron was on 9/11/01 - but I watched the terrorists from the ARAB world (not Norway or Sweden) destroy the World Trade Center towers and a substantial chunk of the Pentagon AND I'd been watching them crap on this country in every sense of the word for 15 or more years prior to that! So don't tell me about there being "no cause" for us to dislike and distrust Arab terrorists. We've been watching them kill innocent Israeli children since 1948 for heaven's sakes!

It is settled fact that global warming is bullshit. Except for those who have drunk Al Gore's leftwing Kool Aid. It is settled fact that Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt made a financial crisis far worse due to their tinkering with the free market system. So of course, why wouldn't this arrogant twit do just the same? I mean, he's been crowned, right?

It's going to be a bumpy 4 years, folks. Mexico looks better with every passing day!

UPDATE: Mark's surgery was postponed due to a low blood platelet level. We anticipate it will happen sometime in the next 2 weeks or so. Please do keep up the prayers and good wishes.

And no, I didn't go to work yesterday. When cars are doing pirouettes on I-95 Northbound, this child heads home. And why is it that Prince William County, Virginia finds it unnecessary to treat an INTERSTATE highway like I-95? Talk about morons!

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