Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The question is whether or not the words "In God We Trust" should be removed from our money. At the moment, 84% of those responding here are in favor of KEEPING "In God We Trust" in our public discourse! Bet the bozos at MSNBC are shocked!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe the phrase "In God We Trust" is necessary on our currency. It doesn't offend me or anything like that but it is another rally point for Christians in a country that was founded on freedom of religion (which in my mind also means freedom FROM religion). What if the phrase said "In Allah We Trust" instead? Would you vote to get that removed?

Gayle Miller said...

The operative intent of the framers of our Constitution is pretty doggone clear: Congress shall make no law regarding the ESTABLISHMENT of a religion. It does NOT say freedom OF or freedom FROM religion. In addition, our founding fathers were all men of faith - as are about 87% of Americans who claim to believe in God. Not Allah!

I wish everyone would remember that Judaism was here thousands of years before Islam and Christianity predates Islam by 700 years. So do not ever expect me to curtsy or be politically correct about a religion that espouses violence and destruction and the enslavement of anyone who doesn't agree with them (even other Muslims). Ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

You, it would appear, need to go back and take some history courses.

I wish you would remember there were religions before Judaism. Even the Mesopotamians had religion.

I wish you would remember the Crusades. Christians also do violence and destroy and in their minds find ample justification in scripture.

Why would you expect people to be politically correct about your religion if you will not treat them the same? Remember the golden rule!

You should perhaps go read some of the Quran. The Quran alleges that the God of Islam, Allah, is the same God of Abraham (Christian God). So in a Muslim's view, saying "In Allah We Trust" would be the same as "In God We Trust". It just pisses you off because the word "Allah" is there instead of "God". How can you talk shit about another religion when you have no clue about that religion? You should realize that both the Bible and the Quran are books. That is all. They are books with no power. Religious nuts like you are the power behind these books. There is violence in both books. Get over it already. You can't just point out violence in one and ignore the violence in the other.

I believe the intent of the founding fathers was freedom FROM/OF religion. You should not reference just the first part of the First Amendment and believe your argument is made. It is not. It doesn't matter because you had it wrong anyways. It is "make no law RESPECTING an establishment of religion". Either way, it doesn't come into play here. The constitution is not in question here. Regardless of what the founding fathers intentions were, the constitution is a living document. It can and has been changed/ratified/amended in the past and will so in the future as well.

How come as a Christian you believe you have more rights than say a Muslim or an aetheist? They make up this country too. In your mind the 87% of Americans who believe in God have more rights? Or should have more rights? Forget the religious minorities? Your view sickens me. I think you are a religious bigot. You are basically saying you will never respect someone else's choice of religion.