Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is just the most offensive thing I have read. The man has only been in office ONE WEEK and already he is pissing me off big time serious. And I'm sure the families of the 20 people who have DIED as a result of these storms would agree with ME, not this callow infant who is occupying The White House!

The laws and the jurisdictions (numerous) in the D.C. Metro area are totally different from those to be found in the corrupt (yet functional - and isn't that maddening) Chicago to which he so airily refers. But then, he hasn't been in The District much over the past few years - engrossed as he has been in his quest for power and/or deification! And don't think God (the real one) won't arrange some karma for THAT little bit of blasphemy!

Obama: Snowy Washington Needs 'Chicago Toughness'

By Frank Ahrens
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 28, 2009; 11:24 AM

President Obama, you're not in Chicago anymore.

Shortly before a meeting with business leaders on the economy at the White House, Obama said he wanted to make an unrelated comment to the press. In a slightly amused tone, he noted this his daughters' school, Sidwell Friends, was canceled today because of a snow and ice storm that hit Washington.

The suburban schools systems and many private schools in the region were closed today and the District public schools opted for a delayed opening because of the sleet and freezing rain that made some roads and many sidewalks treacherous.

"Because of what? Because of some ice?" Obama said to laughter around the table. He said Sasha, his 7-year-old, pointed out that in Chicago, not only is school never canceled for snow, "you'd go outside for recess. You wouldn't even stay indoors."

He concluded by saying: "We're going to have to apply some flinty Chicago toughness to this town. I'm saying that when it comes to the weather, folks in Washington don't seem to be able to handle things."


nora said...

I am completely with you BUT if this is the most offensive thing you have read, you must not have read about his his claim during his interview with Al Arabiya, he wishes we could go back to the 'respectful' relationship we had with the Muslim world 20, 30 years ago!!! You know, like when that tool, Carter was pres and the embassy was taken over by the Ayatollah (who Carter installed) and Americans were held hostage until Reagan's inauguration. Yeah, that's respectful, all right!!! Ay, dios mio! I wonder if they have to tell Obama which end of the cigarette to light!

Gayle Miller said...

If he's lighting the filter, then the room will stink as badly as his policies do!

Laura Lee Donoho said...

You'd think the man would want to put on a friendlier face at least to the people in Virginia and the district.

When we lived in Fairfax in 1996 and Clinton was President our schools were called off for over a week because of snow. It was that bad. We had that much of it.

In the suburbs the snowplows got out to the major roads but there were so many little neighborhoods it was impossible to get all of us plowed out.

This was the time old Marian Berry was mayor in D.C. and he caused a big controversy by not having the snow plows plowing the areas around the bigwigs of D.C. and that really got him in bad with the influential people and he was really on the way out after that.

Obama may want to check out that history.

piano girl said...

If only "the messiah" would tell Algore to sit down and shut up, we could have been spared the snow & ice "global warming events" this week. Something about seeing the reject from the 2000 election up at the Senate pontificating about global warming when I was shoveling 3" of white fluffy stuff off of my car on Tuesday & chopping up 1/2" of ice off the entire car on Wednesday that just didn't sit well with me! But, then, I'm getting a little cranky like my dear friend Gayle these days!!! And I'm afraid it's going to last four years!

Gayle Miller said...

Unfortunately, Piano Girl, you are absolutely right!