Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The State Senate of Connecticut wants to pass a law that would take away the right of Catholic clergy to control the finances of their own parishes. Just Catholics, mind you. No mention of Jews or Baptists or - heaven forfend - Muslims! No, just the Catholics!

The bill, introduced Thursday by the Judiciary Committee, would allow elected laypersons to handle parish finances and leave priests and bishops to oversee "matters pertaining exclusively to religious tenets and practices."

And of course, the uproar being promulgated by the ACLU and other civil rights organizations is deafening! Oh, sorry - nary a word of protest from those august bodies! Let a maniac who wants to destroy this country have one hair on his head ruffled and they spring into vociferous action. Let a State Senate attempt to circumvent or outright violate both the First and the Fourteenth Amendments and their silence is monumental! Bunch of hypocritical losers.

If you live in Connecticut - write your representatives to protest. If you don't live in Connecticut, write to the governor of Connecticut and let him know how downright wrong this kind of legislation truly is!


M. Jodi Rell

State of Connecticut

210 Capitol Avenue #200

Hartford, HT 06106

UPDATE: Apparently the lunatic anti-Catholics in the Connecticut State Senate didn't count on being "caught" with their hands in the cookie jar on this bill and have withdrawn to regroup. Trust me - they'll try again! In the meantime, all this nonsense is accomplishing something quite interesting - unifying and energizing Catholics who haven't felt this threatened in a very long time. A word to my wise friends of the Jewish, Lutheran, Baptist or Mormon faiths - if they get away with this infamia you will be next - stand with Catholics now!


nora said...

What is the point of this? I hope everyone who hears about this will be as outraged as I am (and I'm a nice Jewish girl!) and will be moved to raise hell, forgive my language! Thanks for writing about this!

CDR J said...

I am not a lawyer, but this should be so obviously unconstitutional that the people who introduced the bill should be impeached.
Given that, I saw a headline at work that said the bill had been pulled. Because of firewall restrictions, I couldn't follow the link to the story.