Friday, March 06, 2009


Let's see, Michelle went to volunteer at a Food Bank. Their food supplies went much further than usual due to a most unusual and puzzling outbreak of nausea among the clients! Because she was feeling discouraged that her Lady Bountiful moment didn't succeed more fully, Michelle then made it a point to insult the wife and children of the Prime Minister of our oldest ally, Great Britain. But marital loyalty protected her (kind of) because her idiot husband (aka The Usurper) proceeded to insult the Prime Minister of England even more dramatically than had his spouse (known to the people of Great Britain, henceforth, as "Lady MacBeth").

All is not lost, however. The Usurper arranged to have a swing set installed on the South Lawn of the White House so that he could watch his children at play! Along with half the Press Corps but what the hey!

Look, you flapeared dimwit, your JOB is to deal with the pressing concerns of this nation, not watch your kids at play. You didn't watch them play for the two years you were feverishly running for the job you now have (regardless of your qualifications) - so hunker down and do a little work and quit flitting all over the place!

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piano girl said...

Not only were the gifts to the Brown children given without much thought, the messiah, himself, gave the PM 20 (or maybe it was 25) DVD's of American film classics. Guess someone didn't tell him that PM Brown is blind in one eye, and has difficulty seeing out of the other one. Not only that, unless the PM has a DVD player that can accommodate American DVD's, he won't be able to even play then for his family to watch. Add to this embarrassment, the "gift" that the Secretary of State gave to her Russian counterpart had the wrong word for 'reset' written on it. They thought they were being "cute" to try to "reset the relationship" between Russia & the USA, but instead had the word "overcharge" written on the button. If only the current Secretary of State had conferred with the previous one, Dr. Rice could have set her on the proper path.