Thursday, March 05, 2009


My answer: Probably. But he didn't (and couldn't) do it by himself. The mainstream media was complicit to a staggering degree, in that they repeated uncritically every doom and gloom scenario pumped out by the Obama campaign without ever determining whether or not the information was true or false. For at least 3 years prior to the November election, the Democrat Party apparachiks were telling us we were in a recession (and oh yes, we were all going to incinerate any minute now due to global warming) - when in fact we never were. Until now.

Did Barack Hussein Obama or Michelle Obama directly orchestrate this financial meltdown? Hell no, because neither of them is smart enough to do so. But George Soros, that despicable Hungarian loon certainly is smart enough. Just cause you're crazy doesn't mean you aren't deadly clever! (And don't get all over me for insulting Hungarians folks - I'm Hungarian and reserve the right to criticize that piece of filth Soros any time I wish.)

I wonder just how long it is going to take for the American public that is still sane to completely comprehend just how far down the river this country has been sold by the Democratic Party, Barack Hussein Obama, the usurper, and the mainstream media - all at the behest of George Soros in his endless and fervid quest to destroy a country that he detests. And when the vast majority of Americans catch on to this debacle being foisted upon us by inimical forces, how are they going to react?

Aye, there's the catch in the whole thing. Is the 2nd American Revolution just around the corner? Mayhap, folks, mayhap! Or, a strong Republican presence could be returned to the Congress to cool the jets of this insanity before it goes too far. But if we elect enough Republicans to wrest control back into saner hands from the Botox-addled Pelosi and the dessicated nincompoop Reid, let's make a genuine effort this time to elect Republicans who have cojones and a spine! We don't need another Arlen, or a George Voinovich. And while the likes of Rush and Newt are great "idea" men, frankly we need people who can take theory and put it into practice in an efficient and firm manner.

In any event, if the first six weeks of the [failed] Obama Administration are any indication, the next 18 months are going to be really, really, really rough!


piano girl said...

I've long thought that the alphabets, in concert with the dimocrats, knew the only way they could win anything (Congress, WH, etc.) was for the American people to think (and I use that term loosely) that the economy was bad. I don't think they had any idea that things would tank as much as it did, but with the constant drumbeat of negativity the projection became reality and we are paying, unfortunately.

kitty said...

In a word, YES.