Friday, March 20, 2009


Seriously, have you noticed how many of our Presidents are left-handed? Even the Usurper! What's up with that. I'm left-handed! Should I be President? Naw - I'm too freaking blunt for that. I'm not diplomatic enough. They thought GWB was a cowboy? Hah! I'm like hitting a block wall at 90 miles an hour.

A former (now deceased and it had nothing to do with me) boss once wrote on a letter of recommendation: If you don't want a straight answer, don't ask Gayle the question! I'd have us at war with everyone except Great Britain, Israel, Australia and some former Soviet "republics". Of course, I can deliver full sentences without the aid of a teleprompter. I have small, close set ears. Have we had any redheads in office since Thomas Jefferson? Hmmmm! Naw, I'm too damned old to run.

But I AM left-handed! And I'm told I give great gift! Prime Minister Brown would have gone home with something really, really nice after visiting ME. His wife too. Chintzy I am not.


Frankly Opinionated said...

According to some brainiac, we left handed types, think out of the Right side of our brains. Being a "lefty" hasn't bothered me, except to cause me to note those who aren't. Totally un-scientific, but an observation nonetheless; Right handed people are more likely to be absent minded, and to now work with a plan. And, some of them defend that with: "Without a Plan, nothing can go wrong."
And yes, I am sure that you could top Prez Hussein in the gift-giving department. What a dipstick! DVD's that wouldn't even play in a British player. Did he get them off the sale rack at Wally World? You'd think that at the least, that he would give them a nice kaffiyeh from his Palestinian friends.
nuf sed

Mr MM said...

I'd vote for you!

wc#3 said...

Okay... I'll forgive you for having anything in common with Il Duce Obama IF you don't jump on the "Lefties are Smarter" holier than though bandwagon so many of them... you know... I hate that! :D

Gayle Miller said...

I'm smarter because I was born that way - not because I'm left-handed. Also I have a good memory and I'm OLD so I remember a lot of useless crap!