Friday, March 20, 2009


I work in Washington, D.C. I work at a law firm. Almost all of my friends work for law firms. And as conservative as I am, there are days (and this is one of them) when I thank my lucky stars that, because of the clients they serve, the law firm for which I work is a union shop - the only one in town! The mere 6 secretaries and 10 paralegals are protected from the whims of attorneys and the possible lack of logic emanating from a human resources department, not to mention the selfish, self-motivated actions of fellow employees. Consequently, this is a very relaxed and productive place to work! We love our jobs and it shows in our commitment to excellence. Who knew? This isn't the normal reaction to being a union member, perhaps, but it's our reaction!

Making baseless charges against another human being, charges that threaten their livelihood (especially in a market such as this one) is about as despicable as a human being can get. Charging someone I love with - of all things - racism, is beyond low and justifiably has ignited my ire toward these two females that is visceral beyond belief. You do not, ever or with impunity, hurt someone I love - most notably, my sister. That I harbor ill will is putting it mildly. That I am trying to be Christian about this most un-Christian of situations is true - but the effort is stupendous. Why were these charges made? Because two simpering, evil wenches decided that my sister is a threat to their self-esteem.

As often as I have told myself, today, that karma will deal with these two scrofulous, venom and evil possessed crones, it hasn't helped a lot. However, I do believe that this kind of base dealing will eventually catch up with them. In the meantime, my sister needs my love and support and she will get it in abundance!

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