Tuesday, July 06, 2010


My dear boss, Jeremiah, who has perfect pitch when it comes to gift giving, gave me a 12-disc set of Rogers & Hammerstein musicals as a birthday gift last Friday. As a result, I spent considerable happy time over this past weekend revisiting some of the utterly delightful Broadway shows created by these two brilliant and creative collaborators.

Of all the shows, my favorite is "Oklahoma" for a lot of reasons. What I enjoyed most was watching Rusty the cat, my little predator (and he truly IS a little predator - don't let his fluffy beauty fool you) was enthralled whenever Gordon MacRae was singing! He'd just plant his little self right in front of the TV and GAZE at the screen. He tended to enjoy Oklahoma more than Carousel - maybe because his hero dies in Carousel! Who knows what happens in the mind of CAT?

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