Friday, July 23, 2010


According to The Hill, Vice President Joe "Plugs" Biden has opined:

By Michael O'Brien - 07/23/10 08:56 AM ET
The "heavy lifting is over" when it comes to the Obama administration's legislative priorities this year, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday evening.

Biden said now that Wall Street reform is finished and signed into law, the administration could go out and make its political case for its accomplishment.

Joe, Joe, Joe - when did the campaign ever stop? What you and the President don't know about governing would fill the entire Library of Congress! You are a pair of clueless dorks when it comes to knowing the U.S. Constitution, managing the economy, protecting our nation's security. I could go on, but I'm feeling a major barf coming on at the thought of you two thinking you've done something good for this nation in the past 19 months! Not so, Joe, not so.

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