Friday, July 09, 2010


Lest we go into this coming weekend feeling downhearted and negative, there are a few things to consider that are positive.
  1. President Obama was out in Nevada campaigning for the soon-to-be-ex-Senator Harry Reid. I state this based on Zippy's past record in dooming those for whom he campaigns to ignominious defeat. Could we encourage him to campaign for San Fran Nan and Babs "Call me Senator" Boxer!?
  2. The LeBron James saga has reached its climax and I correctly predicted that he would be going to Miami (won some serious cash on that one folks).
  3. The damned World Cup nonsense is also coming to an end this weekend, although I understand the prognosticating crab is under threat of extinction from Germany. Hey, Germany, buy a vowel! The crab only predicted your loss; your team played poorly enough to make his prediction come true!
  4. The State of Ohio has finally realized - four years after the fact - that I don't live (or vote) there any more! Way to go you dimwitted Democratic dorks!
  5. We're one day closer to January 20, 2013!
  6. Another 3 day weekend is upon me! Whooeeee!

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