Thursday, July 22, 2010


It is instructive to see the Obama White House once again struggling to stay ahead of a story that shows the competence of the Administration in a dubious light, to say the least. In an article posted about 2 hours ago, Ben Evans of the AP opined thus:

Perhaps that's because a year ago — almost to the day — Obama was burned by his own misstep on race, wading into the uproar surrounding the arrest of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates outside his home by Sgt. James Crowley, a white police officer.

In that case, Obama admitted "I don't know all the facts," then proceeded to indict the Cambridge, Mass., police for acting "stupidly."

That rare, undisciplined gaffe created a backlash that also distracted attention from his signature proposal at the time, health care reform. Obama acknowledged he should have chosen his words better, and he convened his famous beer summit in an effort to turn the incident into a "teachable moment."

Let's at least get the timeline right folks.

First, the video clip, heavily edited was sent to Andrew Breitbart in what easily could have been an effort to somehow discredit him or bring his journalistic ethics and skills into disrepute. After the clip went viral, Shirley Sherrod lost her job, and then and only then did Fox News and the conservative blogsphere pick it up and run with it. Then the FULL video was put out by the NAACP. In the meantime, the White House was apparently pressuring the USDA to fire the woman and in a burst of non-civil-rights behavior, denied her due process of any kind. She was in her vehicle, heading to a meeting, when someone called and told her to pull to the side of the road. They fired this long-time employee (and I don't care how left-leaning or embarrassing this woman might be, this is a truly thuggish way of handling things) over the damned PHONE. Just another Obama loyalist thrown under the nearest available bus.

One could easily suppose that this entire matter had been set up to kick the props out from under the Tea Party's well-founded assertion that it is not a racist movement. Hell, it's not even very well organized! Bearing in mind the famous assertion of Rahm Emanuel that no good crisis should ever be allowed to go to waste, this has been quite the little distraction. And here's the deal you arrogant sons-of-bitches - we don't need no damned "teachable moments" - we aren't morons or simpletons to be instructed by those who perceive themselves as our betters. We're going to give YOU a teachable moment at the polls in November!

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