Tuesday, November 09, 2010


The rumor mill is grinding out the fascinating news that Mrs. Pelosi intends to hang onto whatever little scrap of power she can, for as long as she can. This shouldn't be difficult considering that the more moderate Dems who supported her against their own best interests are mostly gone from the House.

Bookworm Room says it best:
I’m worried that we’re showing hubris by getting all excited about Pelosi’s decision to retain her leadership status. (Here’s an example from Roger Simon, whose writing is always so delicious.) Nancy is vile. Nancy is dishonest. Nancy is intellectually stupid. Nancy is all that. But she’s also got a feral knack for manipulating people (aided, no doubt, by her dishonesty), and I have no doubt that the core players (Soros, the Chicago people) are behind her move because they think it will benefit them. I don’t know how it will benefit them, but I’m neither manipulative nor dishonest. We should certainly feel free to laugh, but I’d still keep my hand on my weapons around that woman.
Be afraid, be very afraid. The Wicked Witch of San Francisco continues to walk the halls of Congress. And she will use her cunning and her total lack of honesty to do everything she can to wreck whatever repairs are attempted by the GOP majority.

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