Friday, November 05, 2010


That's the latest party line from the pinhead who occupies the White House. I was raised to be respectful of my president, despite how partisan his behavior might be, but in the case of The Lightbringer, civility fails me frequently!

Apparently, it is now Zippy's story that we Americans in flyover country and the South are just too damned stupid to understand what he was trying to do for us (or to us)!

I have a news flash for you Mr. President. You are full of shit! I'll match my IQ against yours any day of the week. Hell, I'll match Buddy and Rusty's IQs against yours any day of the week. I understood from day one what a completely unqualified, incompetent, Socialist pinhead you are and nothing you have done since 1/20/09 has served to change my mind about your absolutely disastrous policies and the despicable people with whom you surround yourself!

Get real, Mr. President, and we might like you a little better. Not much better, just a little better. You are an inherently unlikable man, you know. Arrogant, elitist, condescending. But hey, despite all of that, you are one of God's children just like me, so I will be tolerant. And forgiving. As much as my "stupidity" will permit!

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