Wednesday, November 03, 2010


As of 1/1/11 - a LOVELY date to be sure - we will no longer need to be subjected to the preening, overly botoxed and supremely self-satisfied face of Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Thanks be to G-d! You brought this on yourselves when you displayed your complete and utter disregard, even contempt for the voters who are your employers.

It is my great and very real fear, however, that John Boehner won't be a whole lot better. Granted, he's younger and better looking than Pelosi (by a LOT) and he currently seems to be hearing what the Tea Party and other Republicans are saying about growing down the size and intrusiveness of the Federal government, but in the end, will he really act on what he's hearing.

My feeling is that his fellow majority members will make sure that he behaves in the manner we expect from him.

Congratulations to all the winners. You've run the race and achieved your goal. Now let's see if you can govern!

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