Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I watched it last night and frankly, I voted for Bristol Palin because she did a very credible job once again. Jennifer Grey came into this competition with an unfair advantage and no small amount of dshonesty. All this "Oh I loved Patrick Swayze so much" crap is just that - crap. It is well known that they despised one another when they were making "Dirty Dancing" and nothing I've ever read or heard tells me anything to the contrary. So cut the self-serving rewriting of history lady!

Furthermore, I became fed up throughout the period that the show was on with her whining and complaining about being in pain for one reason or another. EVERYONE on the show was in pain; that's part of the deal with DWTS you entitled bitch!

So no, I do not want Jennifer Grey to win - even though it's probably preordained that she does! Everyone is so enchanted with her. Why? She's a nasty piece of work so far as I can tell.

I also watched "Skating with the Stars" and my verdict - the show is just plain lame - but in an entertaining way! I'm rooting for Rebecca Budig to win. I was under the impression that you could vote online, but this morning I discovered that apparently you cannot.

By the way - WHY are they filming both shows at CBS studios in L.A. when the shows are ABC products?


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