Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Why do I get the feeling that the entrenched powers that be at the GOP will totally misread, ignore and generally screw up the gains made thanks to the Tea Party rebellion? Apparently, Newt (no fool he) "gets it" or so it would seem from his conversation with the presumably biased George Stephanopoulos of ABC News.

The ossified brains and impulses of these worthies are capable of destroying through sluggish or largely absent forward motion all that it took the Tea Party an entire year plus to achieve. In other words, we need to kick these lard asses the hell out of the way. These putzes need to be firmly convinced that the Tea Party Movement is not fashion but rather substance and that what the people who comprise the Party want is as far from business as usual as it can get!

We'll see what shakes out as the days and weeks go by to the seating of the new Congress on 1/1/11. But start marshaling your strength and your Rolodex to force these old farts into positive action.

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