Thursday, January 19, 2012


The hypocritical asshats of the mainstream media, led by television reporters and a bitter former spouse has begun.

Clearly, they are frightened that Newt's success will derail the preordained (by the media) ascendancy of Wilbur Romney as the GOP's candidate for president - a candidate they apparently think Obama can defeat!

Wife #2 is coming forward in a so-called "bombshell" interview claiming that Newt wanted an open marriage! Of course, the babbling babes of both The View and The Talk have jumped right on it with their total lack of moderation and clear thinking. Why do I say there is no clear thinking involved? Because all this stuff was already out there - years ago!

Newt has already acknowledged that he was a terrible husband to wives #1 and #2. He has not been a bad husband to wife #3. Callista has taught him discipline, patience and brought him to a religious conversion. She is his intellectual equal in almost every way and that was apparently what was needed to tame the wild man! He has acknowledged that he is a different man and evidence of that has been seen throughout the campaign, although he did lose his temper with Romney and the SuperPac savaging directed at him during the Iowa campaign. He seems to have regained his focus and his poise, and I have no doubt that his wife is partially responsible for that turnaround.

In other words, this is a man who is capable of change and learning. Newt is brilliant. Newt is mercurial like many brilliant people. I would rather have the mercurial Newt as my president than Robotic Man Romney and either would be universes better than the Kenyan Wetback and his socialist and anti-Christian proclivities!

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