Saturday, January 07, 2012


After the Obama morons violated bankruptcy laws by taking over General Motors and putting their union thug pals in the catbird seat at GM, they then opted to subsidize the Chevy Volt - an electric vehicle, of which 7,000 have been sold. So far the cost to the taxpayers is around $3 billion.

GM is now volunteering to recall 8,000 of these vehicles (they must have 1,000 unsold or the numbers don't work out) because there's a small problem - the battery in the car is a fire hazard!

Could we have a more embarrassing administration? I don't think so!

Give O'Reilly credit for this line: "So these cars are a fire hazard! Wouldn't 7,000 Chevy Volts catching fire be BAD for global warming?"

It's a $40,000 vehicle, with a $7,250 taxpayer subsidy (I drive a Chevy and it isn't even WORTH that much money and I'm SUBSIDIZING some stuck-up idiot who wants to drive a fire hazard that I could not afford?).

How stupid is our administration? The mind boggles!

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cmblake6 said...

Not really. We knew they were stupid from the beginning. I will agree that they're proving themselves beyond our wildest expectations, but "boggled", no.