Monday, January 30, 2012


Like being unable to turn your head away from a train wreck, I had to watch the finale of the current season of the Kourtney and Kim Take New York program.

What I saw sickened me. When Scott Dissick of all people is the clarion voice of reason on the show ("You do know that you are married?"). the Kim K brand is heading for the Edsel heap of history. Perhaps her erstwhile soon-to-be-ex-husband put it best when he opined that by the time they started having children, nobody would care about her was absolutely on target.

They entered into this marriage with immature expectations. She wanted a fairytale, he wanted a WIFE! They had never had a discussion about where they would live, how many children they wanted, anything but whether or not he was going to shave off his freaking mustache! Listening to her talk, she cannot articulate a single sentence without using the word "like" improperly at least 4 times in one sentence. It's obvious why she dropped out of school. She's stupid people! And clearly she doesn't understand that marriage is hard work. Khloe, no fan of Kris Humphries, reminded Kim several times that marriage is hard work, both before and after the lavish, ridiculously over-the-top wedding (and she wore white - how lame is that when she's been married before and is clearly no virgin).

I am very happy that the show is over since I could not tolerate more of her whining about how unhappy she is. She's unhappy because she chose to be a selfish, ignorant brat who wants her husband to bow down to her, much as Bruce Jenner bows down to Kris Jenner! Marriage should be a partnership, you ignorant twit! Although, I did find it irritating and amusing in equal parts that Kris H. reacted to her obsessive neatness compulsion (born no doubt of the fact that she's too stupid to find things if they aren't placed in a pre-determined spot all the time) by being deliberately messy. Grown-ups do not behave this way!

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