Saturday, January 21, 2012


For those who haven't seen it yet, trundle on over to The Anchoress to access the YouTube video of Newt Gingrich absolutely laying out the CNN anchor who chose to lead the debate in South Carolina with a question about the interview with Marianne Gingrich that ran on ABC-TV to their eternal shame!

First, it's a prime example of "He said, she said" so-called journalism (of which William Randolph Hearst would be sooooo proud) with no way to actually prove the veracity of Marianne - and we must remember she is a rejected and bitter former spouse - although Newt's daughters emphatically swear that he asked no such thing of Marianne.

In essence, Newt has already confessed his shortcomings, made amends as best he can, is being gentleman enough not to call Marianne a fame whore seeking vengeance and he is happily married to his true partner Callista who has made him a better man in every way. He is more focused, more disciplined, more at peace with himself.

To the various news outlets that are trying to make big ratings with this crap - shame on you! You deserve the falling ratings and lowered revenues that are the resulting from lowered readership.

And shame on all the slavering sycophants of The Won who are lapping up this poisoned so-called reporting as though it is the gift of life itself. It isn't. It's garbage. It is unworthy of the so-called professional journalist.

Call me a true believer, but I heard and assimilated into my soul every single bit of the ethics training I was given in J-school! What's your excuse you yellow journalism peddling hacks?

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