Sunday, January 15, 2012


Of course, the glib response is that there is always hope.

I fear for and pray for our Republic because there are incompetent boobs in charge at the moment (the so-called "vetting" process used in making the various loans to the "green" companies revealed people who don't know whatinhell they are doing is a prime example) and I wish I could say I see better quality coming from the Republican party.

I think Newt may be the best we've got on offer and I'm somewhat jumpy about him. If Romney runs with Gov. Christie as his vice president, we'll have a #2 who is bluntspoken on his worst day but also more of a RINO than the party's base will like. Although the prospect of Christie debating that dimwit Biden is somewhat tantalizing. As is the prospect of Newt eviscerating Obama.

Ron Paul on foreign policy is consistent with his libertarian beliefs but they are frightening.

Santorum makes the most sense to me, but I don't have a good feeling about him debating Obama and his teleprompter.

We need to run a well thought-out and completely coordinated campaign against The Won in order to defeat him so thoroughly that there's no chance of the Dems cheating, which they are so prone to do!

Bottom line - the negative ads against Romney are taking that arrow out of Obama's quiver and the negative ads against Newt are defanging that particular issue as well!

Pray for our Republic people. It may well be that only God can help us now!

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cmblake6 said...

Indeed. Let's see how the primaries go. I want Rick Perry, but that for damn sure looks like it's not happening. Newt is my second choice, but ABO is the war cry!