Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well now we're 3 for 3 since Santorum WON Iowa, Romney won New Hampshire and now Newt has dominated in South Carolina!

Apparently Senor Roboto isn't as inevitable as he has been touted to be by the complicit mainstream media, eh?

Why is Ron Paul still in the race. At age 76, he's way too damned old to be president, not to mention that his foreign policy ideas are from the crumbled cookie bin! I'm not being ageist folks. I'm 69 years old myself and I have to tell you, I have lost a few steps in the past couple of years and I am not as sturdy as I once was! Far from it. And compared to Ron Paul, I'm a mere stripling, age-wise.

Anything other than withdrawing from the race and quietly going about his business contributing to the crazy on The Hill is unacceptable. He hasn't a chance in hell and if he is such a sore loser as to mount a 3rd party effort, he'd be handing the odious Obama another full term!

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