Thursday, September 28, 2006


I generally have a skeptical attitude toward Dick Morris’ prognostications and advice to Republican candidates, in no small part because he is generally wrong and his partisanship is always in question to my mind. There is, however, one area where I believe him with absolute certainty and that is in his assessment of both William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton as human beings and as candidates.

Morris, on Hannity & Colmes Tuesday night and again in this column state the following:

"In fact, an army of detectives, hired at the behest of Bill and Hillary and their lawyers, defamed and outed "the opposition" (both politicians and witnesses) during the impeachment battle. Earlier, similar energy went into savagely containing "bimbo eruptions" (and not just during the 1992 campaign). The same "secret police" may be on duty again in Hillary's '08 campaign.

"But Bill's warning also seems aimed at the media themselves. Noting that "the people that are doing it" [accusing the Clintons of scandal] have escaped "the same scrutiny . . . in the past," he says they won't get a "free ride" this time.

"His GOP critics surely did not escape scrutiny - but journalists largely did. Of course, in the interests of the First Amendment, reporters should escape the kind of scrutiny inflicted on politicians. But that's not the Clinton playbook - where item one is "deny the allegation" and item two is "shoot the alligator."

"Clinton's warning has a broader meaning, too: He will be unto Hillary as Hillary was unto him - the attack dog. The former president will bare his fangs against any and all who attack his wife."
It leads me to wonder how much of the MSM’s apparent mania for the ever shifty and dishonest Clintons is inspired by genuine love for this pair of grifters and how much is inspired by genuine fear?

In any event, it’s something worth thinking about.

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a monster of their own making...

long ago, studying the Clinton history which was largely hidden from voters prior to 1992 and 1996.

i found, the Clinton tactics of vilify the opposition to focus attention away from their vivid corruption, was quite common.

in my opinion, much of the Democrat Party began to employ the deceit - slander mantra during the 1990s, and has maintained the ugly behavior today.

because they foolishly believed they could say anything and get away with it, mistakenly thought the majority of Americans supported them, and that it was partly successful in getting the Clintons elected.

they seem to forget some essential facts, since the mighty President Reagan, and the disaster of the Clinton Negligence on the National Stage, the Democrat Party has been declining in influence ever since.